Whatcha Reading?


Hi guys, so as you may have heard I’ve been buried under work the last few weeks, this following a computer crash and just life in general. I’m looking for a little inspiration, and I’m looking to you to do the inspiring.

No funny business I promise. I just wanna know what you are reading, and what you would recommend for me to read. What do you read when you are in a funk? Or just to make you happy? Or just to stimulate you? You get the point.

Leave a suggestion for me in the form below. Gimme your name or username so I know who to thank, your site, if you’ve got one, so I can follow you, and a book to read, come to think of it anything you think might be cool really and I’ll compile a list of your selections so we can discuss them after I’ve read them.  Please and thank you.


Any thoughts?

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