Sisterhood: a commentary.

This is my sister…

Well not all of her. This is my sister’s leg. A leg that she has many a time chased me around one house or another screaming “Touch my legs, feel the smoothness.” This is my sister’s leg which has been attacked by a particularly aggressive mosquito or sand fly. This is my sister’s leg which is literally half a sea away. This is my sister’s leg which she has photographed after her nocturnal attack and sent to me in order for me to give an opinion, not on the severity of the injury, but of the determination of whatever insect it was that did this. Yes this is my sister.

Do you have a sister? Does she tell you everything? No…I mean everything. Even all the stuff that nobody really wants to know about another person? Things that make you uncomfortable and forever taint your memory? Does she update you on her ickiest experience? On her yuckiest escapades? Basically stuff that you simply cannot unhear?

If she is anything like my sister she does it just to know that she has scared you. Know that she has left you with a taint or a divot in your psyche that will forever haunt your view of humanity? Yeah, my sister does this, and then giggles dementedly at my pain.

Now as an older sister I have tried time and again to let this person know that some things are best left unsaid between us. Much like tales of my own…uh…depravities for lack of a better word, send her sheltering under a pillow or under the protection of fingers placed in her ears, there’s just some things I don’t need to know about you. Things like the detailed description of your last bout of food poisoning, or the thing you did that I really should tell mommy about, but I won’t because if I told her, she would disown you and then all her attention would be focused on me and that would just be a bad thing. Someone once told me that this was the rule of younger siblings and that I should just take it in stride or ignore. I’ve tried, neither strategy works, instead I choose to reflect on how this odd lack of privacy has been a benefit to me.

  1. My sister and her lack of aversion to sharing a bathroom with me has prepared me well for motherhood. All the posts you read about kids trying to get you even on the throne are very much true, but thanks to my sister I’ve never known that kind of peace. So I can’t miss what I’ve never known right? Besides she gives a pretty decent back scrubbing.
  2. I can sympathies with my own kids at the rigors of siblingdom, boy oh boy are they gonna be shocked to find out that a little sibling will always be a little sibling no matter how old they get. It does help though to have someone to strong arm into helping with my hair and occasional makeup.
  3. I can sympathies with my parents, all the fighting was annoying as hell. Thank you guys for not killing us to death.
  4. I’ve learned all about blackmail. Oh yes, no boundaries may be great to annoy me, but it’s also good for gathering intel and believe me Missy do I got some nuggets. and
  5. It’s almost never that serious, sometimes it’s best to just go with it. I only have the one sister after all, so my baby sitting options are fairly limited. Not to mention I’ll only have so many nieces and nephews to spoil and send home.

Yep having a sister has meant having very few boundaries, but that might also mean a treasure trove of memories both fond and functional. tee hee hee.



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