In response to Photo-Fiction #27

In response to Photo-Fiction #27


He was patient, she gave him that, as he held himself still, riding out the rippling of her body as pleasure ripped though her a second time. He had, perhaps inadvertently, awakened with his touch something hungry and wanton. She knew, because as she came back to herself she felt not the heady satisfaction of her well won climax but a deep yearning. To have him closer and deeper. It was a hunger of a brutal sort, both in it’s intent to have her battered by his passion, but in the way it drover her demand it.

She heard the husky moans, demanding such things as she would not think capable  of herself. But the words did issue from her throat. Her fingers were curled into weaponry assailing his broad shoulders. Her palms and breasts reveling in the feel of his sweat slick form gliding against her. Her hips lifted to meet the quickening pace of his more forceful thrusts. She herself had transformed into a temptress unrecognizable to her own sensibilities. She was enjoying this.

The heat and warmth of him, the way it drove his scent and the scent of them together around them, inebriating her with every breath. He smelled like wood and soap . She reveled in the sound of his jagged breathing, and the strangled moans he set loose beside her ear. He too was affected by this, caught in the same spell she was. Driving himself high and hard within her in search of the same searing release she so desperately needed. She felt it building, she sensed it in him and she gloried in this new found power.

When he finally shuddered taking her with him with a yelled prayer proclaiming their mutual frenzy she knew herself a Goddess and him a God and both of them joined in a most remarkable way.


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