Captain America: Civil war A Ranting Review


Ok so…this movie has been out for how long now? If you haven’t seen it yet, or are waiting for it to come to cable, then scroll no further. Ahead there be spoilers.




Whelp, can’t say I didn’t warn you.

So…this movie takes place after Age of Ultron, and deals primarily with the damage Superheros tend to leave behind and how politicians and unfair people deal with stuff.Oh yeah and Tony’s ego. Yes I said that, and here is why.


Now with the exception of Sakovia which we can set firmly at the feet Tony Stark and his epic ego and overdeveloped sense of self-righteous responsibility. But in his redeeming grace, they kinda did save the world and create a new hero in the process. So…

How does the government place any of the blame at the feet of the Avengers? Were they responsible for Loki’s Jealousy? They can’t be blamed for the Hydra’s actions, or for The Mandarin’s actions, none of it. However, if we think about where we would be if we were enslaved by any one of those factions, or destroyed by said factions because of the absence of our heroes, it kinda puts a different spin on it, don’t you think? Furthermore if they had said, “Oh well our powers are dangerous we better not interfere.” we would all be mad at them anyway. Point being you can’t please anyone, especially not politicians with an agenda. That would have been the common sense argument. But instead…

Tony thinks: That because, again, ego and generally crappy personal circumstances mean he needs a leash. Thus everyone else with powers needs one. In donning that leash, they should also give up their free will in using their powers and open themselves up to the corruption of political leaders.

Steve thinks: That folks with powers should have the right to choose how and when they use their powers, thus maintaining their free will. Not that they shouldn’t be accountable for the damage they do, but ain’t like you can stop a terrorist with an armed bomb vest without someone hearing a boom. Yes Wanda, I feel for you, but girl that wasn’t your fault.

End of argument, full out brawl…because you know, that just helps everyone. *rolls eyes*

Add the Winter Soldier and all the prejudice against him, especially by the narrow minded Tony, and the death of an African King and Boom we have a block buster. Which even among all that chaos still gave us a bit of a twist, maybe to make Tony and the UN agenda more sympathetic, but which ended up just splitting the rift even further.

Oh and that it was. One that made me grit my teeth at the stupidity of some, but still…

217968_109The fight scenes were epic, lots of power being thrown around. Old and loved characters flexed those muscles we love to see. I tip my hat to the directors and producers.

The dialog however was the kicker, the classic Marvel wit and humor were all there. I must say I enjoy that most of all.

I even enjoyed the new Spider man, boy though he may be, and as much as I loved Garfield was it? I can forgive the new remake, simply because he is all geek and it made me feel all squishy inside. I hope they get the story line right this time.

Now for, what for me, was the best part of this movie. You guessed it Black Panther. Let me stop here to say that I think Marvel has been the franchise for social and racial diversity. All these Jimmy come lately-s, making all kinds of celebration about a black super hero need to pick up a comic book. Marvel has had a diverse cast of characters, red, yellow, blue even. With themes that have championed racial equality since I first picked up on book in a dusty little shop on St. Mary’s street in St. John’s Antigua in the late 80’s.BlackPanther Black Panther, however, was undoubtedly my most favorite part of this movie, and not ’cause the actor who played him qualifies as man candy either. The character exudes power and grace, which has nothing to do with him being royalty, and a single minded determination to reach his goal. Temper that with a level head, and the ability to do the right thing. I willingly give him my personal and enduring stamp of approval. Marvel, you better not mess him up, you hear me?

All in all, I encourage everyone to watch it. It’s more than worth it. I take a point away only because of the nonsensical-ness that started this mess. I love it, the visuals, the story, the themes, everything. 9/10 I say.

…Wait, are you still here? Why? Go buy your movie ticket. See the thing, and come back let’s discuss. What did you say? You saw it? Ok lemme know what you thought in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil war A Ranting Review

  1. Great post! I love your style/voice. I really hope that they do a great job with Spider-Man, he’s my favorite Marvel character and he really needs a franchise that does him justice. Black Panther was great! I can’t wait for his solo movie! I’m wondering, have you ever shared your posts on any movie sites?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate your comment. I can’t wait four either honestly. I’ve even started saving ticket money!! I’ve never shared with a movie site, but I can look into it. Do you have any suggestions?


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