A fangirl writing…

It seems like the first question in every writing course is,”Why do you write?”. And it seems like the appropriate response is never…”Because I want to, I have an opinion.” These folks want passion, they want drama they want depth.

But see, that is exactly what I like about books, movies, and TV shows. Especially those that kept me company when I was younger.

They suck me in. They transport me from this place to one that has so much possibility. Places with magic and monsters, or Mutants, or ghosts, or Elves, or Dragons, or mutated martial arts fighting turtles. Where heroes do extraordinary things, and affect big big changes, and at the end of the day more often than not the villain is defeated. Not that I’m an expert or anything, just a huge geek-child-woman-person.


Not that our everyday heroes aren’t great or important. I’m not saying that at all. But they aren’t as glamorous, world hunger and racism and climate change and big oil, and economic slavery and all the other ills of this space won’t be fixed by a dude flying in a red and gold metal suit shooting rockets out his fists. Or a big boy scout who actually has the perfect code of ethics, and laser eyes, and super strength and can fly. Oh, and an unbreakable will to never give up. Which, I don’t know about you, but is something I gotta remind myself I have.


Come on, tell me that doesn’t make you wanna do the Captain Morgan pose just thinking about it? They give us something, something inside and let us take some of that with us, you know? That thing that we can take and build on and become those everyday heroes we talked about.


But I wouldn’t call myself a genre snob either. I like the easy going stuff too, and they stuff that makes you feel all squishy and warm too. Hell, I even like animal planet and the cooking channel most days.

I guess what I’m saying is I write my movie reviews to share that feeling with everyone else. To take myself away. To inspire myself and to share the love.

So there it is, assignment 1. Why I write.


2 thoughts on “A fangirl writing…

  1. I love coming out of a movie (or even watching one on TV) that leaves me feeling stronger. I think as a whole people in the world today feel like they’re losing control over their own lives. These movies pump them up. Just a guess!

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