Preacher Episode 2 recap

Spoiler Alert: here is the obligatory spoiler alert, letting you know that ahead there be spoilers for this episode of Preacher.

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Open on Ye ole timey west. A sick child, a worried mother, the beginning of a quest. OK, I’ll go with it. They told me this was a western right? So we follow our cowboy along the desert ’til he’s flagged down by a small boy belonging to, I guess, that area’s version of the Little House on the Prairie clan, before the house and the town. Chipper lot, with a leader full of folksy philosophy. I guess they serve to give us a contrast between our dark cowboy. Who is not at all bothered by the scalped and disemboweled bodies of the Native Americans hanging from the tree outside the town of Ratwater.

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We cut to Jesse, surely emboldened by the speech he gave when last he lest us, doing baptisms in the church yard. All seems well, everyone seems into it. Especially Eugene, who due to an accident now has this face and is battling with his faith. He’s however hopeful as he hollers, “You saved me preacher! You washed my sins away.” Some folks aren’t so eager as Tulip takes the dip, only to use the opportunity to try to tempt Jesse back into those roguish ways. “Thanks for getting me all wet.” she says rejected and sashaying away…ehem.

Are we to think Jesse is now able to solve all the world’s problems? I’m guessing Linus thinks he can, as he confessing that he has…urges…not yet acted upon, about a little girl on his bus route. The preacher as he does through out the episode gives out generic Christian advice. “Repent, stop sinning.”

Oh Preacher if only it were that easy, all cheesecakes and bottles of wine would be safe from me. Everyone seems to think so to, from Cassidy who argues with Jesse about new direction and the authenticity of it, to Tulip to remind Jesse that it really isn’t that easy though. Her taunting reminder that he is a “bad bad man” even against the back drop of her ulterior motive hits a nerve.

The final straw might come from Eugene though who admits that he really wasn’t changed by the baptism and that maybe this is the form God wants him in. I’m thinking here Seth and they guys want us all contemplating our own faith and how it is that we see the ever present question of how easy really is it to make a change in your life.

Jesse does get a little reprieve when he confronts Linus who is then cured of his little pedophile ways. Jesse might just be able to cure even my vices as the entity within him is able to make people bend to his will, and now he knows it. That brings up a whole other argument of ethics and free will right?

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The action in this episode, however, comes not only from Jesse, flexing those new supernatural muscles. But from Cassidy in an awesomely bloody church/chainsaw fight with the two creepy fellas who follow the ball. We not only learn here not to drink anything Cassidy concocts, but that the entity likes  Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod sung in am English accented baritone and can be contained in an old time coffee tin. Who knew? But then again it’s an entity from outer space so, really, who knows?

That’s just one of the questions we are left with this episode. Others being:

  1. Who’s this guy with the land grabbing?
  2. Who is our creepy cowboy?
  3. What do they have to do with our story?
  4. Can we hire Cassidy to clean our homes?
  5. and finally…Those two fellas, What?

What do you think is gonna happen to Coma girl when we return? Is her miracle the thing Jesse needs to gain legitimacy as a Preacher in this town?


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