5 reasons the Angry Birds Movie couldn’t fail

Hi there, please be aware that beyond this point there may be a spoiler or two.

Was there any doubt that this movie would clean up at the box office? Of course it would, and here is why.

The_Angry_Birds_Movie_poster1. Game movies sell. In the last few years I think we’ve seen our fair share of games made movies. For the most part, we the fans of said games flocked to see how Hollywood would add glory to our gaming experience. From Lara Croft to Hitman: Agent 47 we were there. By far the game/movie evolution has been a rather lucrative one, what with the fan base of dedicated gamers practically already in the theaters. Much to the satisfaction of many a parent and/or spouse of someone who is otherwise in a corner glued to one screen or another.

Driven by that, you can see how the makers of the Angry Birds game franchise would think. “Hey, let’s make a movie.”

hqdefault (1)

2.There wasn’t a story line to mess up.  I for one, after playing this game, wondered what there was to it to give us an hour and a half worth of story. I mean the premise is pretty simple. Birds have eggs, pig steals eggs, birds thus are angry and get hurled ad shoddily built pig fortresses in an attempt to get back said eggs. Foolproof really.

Suffice it to say that’s just want most of us expected to get. Instead we got a story about a rag-tag band of misfit birds in a community that doesn’t get them. This community comes under threat and literally turns to our little band of misfits for rescue. They even gave us a justification for why birds need that slingshot.

images (7) 3.  Characters we know. Some folks are gonna call them cliche. The strong silent type, the runt with an attitude, the guy who thinks’s he’s a ladies man but kinda isn’t, and the awkward but lovable husky fella. And how could I forget the old has-bin hero, who just needs that second wind of inspiration to be great-ish again. Themes like abandonment, and isolation, are themes that we are all accustomed to. To an extent they are the perfect characters for most of us and our teenagers to relate to. Seeing them thrive and become heroes, give our little kids a hopeful outlook on those crazy mixed up times to come. This movie definitely followed the formula.  Did it pluck the tears out of my heart strings? Not really, but then I’m told I’m a tough cookie.

4. Humor.  Angry-Birds-RoarYeah they had jokes, and quite a few pop culture references. Sadly while the hubby and I were trying to not wet ourselves in some places, my kids faced remained woefully undisturbed. I mean with referenced from the The Shining or that general era, I can understand why.  I’m not sure where I got the impression that this would be a kid movie, maybe it was somewhere in the marketing. But it didn’t quite come across as that, I’m not even sure it knew what age range it was catering for, as it left the little ones out for a good chunk of the experience.

images (9) 5. Action: I wouldn’t call it action packed. But what action there was was rather satisfying. Especially the effects. You know I’m a stickler for authenticity to the original material, in this case the game. The attacks of the birds was pretty much on point, as well as the idiocy of the pigs. Kudos guys, you did that one perfectly.

So there you have it, all the reasons I see that this movie just shouldn’t have failed. I think the general populace thought the same thing since it’s currently the 2nd highest grossing game adaptation movie at the box office. But then that’s just the box office. We had to buy the ticket to see it right? What do we rate it Movie nation?


While this movie followed the formula, or tried to, it fell short of the grandeur of those Toy Story guys. Maybe it was that age confusion we talked about, or the restrain that seemed to be demonstrated in the writing. But the movie left me more “Meh” than “WOW”. It gets the Meh rating of 5.



Any thoughts?

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