Guest Post: The Accident

Written By Ari-Pasha In response to Photo-Fiction # 42 

Ari-Pasha Pigott is a 13 year old female. She is a second form student at the Princess Margret Secondary School. As any school aged child, Ari is accustomed to writing short stories, essays and composition only for school. However, with encouragement from her aunt, she decided to write this short story the Accident. It was written from a photo that was placed on Facebook by Writer’s Block.

Ari is now the youngest ever Photo-fiction participant. Happy Dance.



Our roads are filled with puddles some as huge as a pond and as deep as the sea. We are often warned of the dangers of these huge puddles.
One early misty morning, the zoom of a motor cycle was heard as it traveled at about eighty miles per hour on the cold, slippery country road. The sun was barely shining. Suddenly the zoom stopped followed by a thud and a splash. It was then that I remembered the pond in the road. The workers of Public Works had forgotten to patch it or in local terms to sugar cake it.

Since the rain had been falling quite heavily for some time, I knew that this was serious. The puddle was grimy, mossy and murky. The rider of the bike was submerged in the grimy muck. Luckily for him he was wearing protective gears necessary for motorcyclists. It also seemed as though the puddle was deeper than it appeared and was full of sewage.
The poor man was so distraught that he made loud appeals for help. You could imagine the embarrassment as people started to crowd around the victim of yet another pot hole accident.

As usual it took a while before emergency personnel arrived on the scene. You could just look at them and see that this job was becoming a huge task for them. As they pulled him out of the muck the sewage stuck to his clothing like a second skin. The stench was overwhelming as they laid him on the stretcher to be rushed to the hospital.
The motor bike was nowhere to be seen. It took some logical thinking to deduce where the motorcycle was, at the very bottom of the puddle.


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