Finding Dory. Being with Becky, Idris and the boy one row behind me.

The cuteness is real.

giphy (1)

Finding Dory? Where to start? What to say? Awwwww…..Ok that little face is distracting me. Hold on.






Whelp, Pixar and Disney have done it again with the prequel/sequel  to Finding Nemo in the form of Finding Dory.

In this installment, we learn of our little blue friends’ origins all while she engages us in the adventure of getting all lost and needing to be found while herself trying to find what she lost. Or is to from where she got lost? I don’t know, can’t remember. Just keep typing, just keep typing, just keep typing, typing, typing…

…and we’re back. Well Nemo and Marlin are there, sporting the father/son dynamic, which is very reminiscent of the first movie. You would think that by now Marlin would learn to trust his family which grows to include at least one hilarious Avian, but nope he has to learn all over again.  The old characters who showed up non the less wrapped us all up in a blanket of nostalgia that just set us up.

 We also got some new characters. We got beach bum seals, a grumpy septapus looking for a nice place to retire, a whale shark with vision issues, a beluga with broken sonar and Becky. Oh Becky, how I loved Becky.


Being a Disney/Pixar flick we know there is the happiest of endings with everyone finding each other, in the most hilarious and convoluted way they could, all the while tugging at our heart strings and our funny bones repeatedly and in no specific order. The movie as well balanced, with drama and action and laughs and the heart tugging. It even had Idris Elba!!!

So what really is there to say? It’s not like I can complain about them making the thing so cute I felt I could burst. I can’t complain about the feel good feeling,  can’t even complain about the cinematography.

This movie is a solid 10, and you know I’ve never ever given a ten before. So you know that’s a really huge thing.

I will say this though, to the kid who was seated behind me. Young son, you are gonna be a teenager one day, and you are gonna want to see a movie and actually watch it, or you are going to want to go to the movies with a girl. A girl whom you may very well like to steal a peck from in the darkness. And when you are, when you do, I’ll be there. I’ll do to you exactly what you did to me. Think about that. Mwahahahahahahaaaaa.



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