After the Binge: Gotham


The way this show was pitched to me, I wasn’t going to watch it. They told me it was the story of Commissioner Gordon and young Bruce Wayne and how they came to be THE Jim Gordon and THE Batman.  Not very interesting to me, since DC heroes, especially given the dark and dirty way they have been portrayed in recent times, aren’t very good. Adam West wept.  

Side note: The Flash and Supergirl as portrayed in their TV series seen to be immune to this. You hear that DC? We like those, leave them alone.

The DCEU seems to have figured out that they couldn’t out hero the MCU, so instead, have decided to go full dark and depressing, and in this case, it’s served them, and us, well.

Suffice it to say, good ole Jim and Dear little Bruce are not the stars. I will go as far in my honestly to say that in my opinion we could well do without those characters.

Where this show is strong is with the villains. I spent a weekend binge watching the entire two seasons, and it was time well spent. Thanks for taking the kids Mom.

I spent my time instead following the path of Fish Mooney, The Penguin and Mr. E. Nygma. Three of the baddest of assess. Why you asked? Well, for me, it has to do with their honesty. It’s refreshing. These people are simply and apologetically broken, and not in big flashy ways either. There are no great existential arguments, or deep philosophies, no justification, behind their darkness. They are not the heroes fighting for some cause. Just plain old brokenness, brokenness that could very easily be the same type in me or you.

As the show progresses we see how, events unfold, both because of and in spite of our merry band of bad people. Events that further mold and shape them into the monsters they will inevitably become. I’m not saying I’m sympathetic to them, they are definitely not gonna win any role model medals, but dammit are they interesting.

It’s a dark path, and while I find those characters, to be exceedingly well written and well played. I think the writers being so entrenched in the deep dark criminal mind, they had no idea how to deal with the heroes of the story. Jim is almost more gangsta than the mob, Alfred is by far the worst parental guardian ever. Being employed by his ward I can’t see how anyone could see this as any kind of a good idea. I guess it makes way for Bruce’s shenanigans and all, but if I was guardian to the richest kid in like ever, and the heir to a multi billion dollar corporation, I think I would be a bit stronger in the insistence that the kid take his studies seriously and not spend weeks at a time living/starving on the streets.

And Barbara. Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, the future Mrs. Gordon, just needs to take several seats. Several rows of seats. Hell take the stadium and sit down.


Well, that was quite a bit of unexpected vehement. Surprising that this lit such a fire in my belly. But then I’ve been immersed in some deep dark places with this show.

I’m eagerly awaiting the end of season 3. I don’t think I’ll have the time or patience to watch it week by week, and who knows maybe the immersion will help to give my own bad guys some depth.

So that’s it, that’s me, after the binge. Up next on the summer binge list Banshee. See you after that.


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