Bad Moms: With A Significant Other in Tow

Bad Moms 2

Bad Moms. I mean what’s there to say? I was gonna see this the moment I saw the trailer. I saw it and shared it with my girlfriends and we immediately agreed to go see it together. So said and so done, we saw it, just as planned, with one addition. One of the girls brought her Honey bunny, and boy, did he just make the thing all the better. With one of the most expressive faces I’ve seen in a while, watching him react to us was hilarious.


At first the poor fella had no clue. Poor thing. I pause here for the obligatory Spoiler Alert.

bad moms 3

Bad moms is a movie to which anyone with children, or anyone who knows anyone raising children, in the internet age can understand. The premise is pretty simple. An average, well in my estimation more than average mom, finds herself overworked, over stressed, under appreciated, and judged. By her husband, if you can call it that, and the ‘Perfect moms’ as they like to think of themselves.

She gets fed up of the man-child, the ‘adult’ children, the job and the ‘perfect’ folks who use the PTA as their own feudal kingdom of mommy shaming and piousness. Needless to say the movie quickly escalated into a quest to take the regime down, with the help of her friends, the risque mom and the recluse stay at home slave mom. At this point hijinks ensue.


This is the point where my good buddy started getting more than he bargained for. As we, heckled at the bad husbandry and rude kids, danced in our seats, laughed, agreed, disagreed and oohed over the sexy widower. He often looked over at us with a look of astonished amusement. He tried hard to keep his composure. Not sure he was successful, but he gets points for trying.

Oh, did I mention the momologues? There are at least three in this movie that had me there like…


Because we do love our kids despite how much we nag and complain. We love them to death and we would kill or die for them.

While this is so we do spoil them. You see, especially with all this pressure for them to be perfect so we can feel validated by all the new social rules, we do way too much. In doing so we have made our children and even some of our siblings rather entitled and it’s time we took our sanity back dammit. Our kids need, more than the stuff we didn’t have, the stuff we did.i.e. resourcefulness and independence.

And lastly, we deserve some credit dammit. Working all day, helping with homework, housework, wife-ing, we deserve at least a bit of gratitude and respect, which no matter where you are in the world is a thing people seem to forget that Childrearers deserve.

Oh yes. we made our delight known. At one point, shhhh don’t tell anyone, when the contraband came out of hiding I imagine he looked over and saw an only slightly milder version of…

Bad mom 1

…for which we got….

See what I mean about that expressive face? Isn’t he just adorable?

At the end of it, slightly tipsy, or at least I was, and after the touching credit scenes, which you absolutely should wait for. With my ribs and cheeks hurting. I give this movie a 10. No complaints to speak of, I was thoroughly entertained both on screen and company wise.

To the ladies of the Staggering Ink, I hope we can do it again soon. For the next 50 shades maybe? With the same Significant other in tow? I’ll end here, with this image of his face when he reads this, as I collapse again with laughter.

9 thoughts on “Bad Moms: With A Significant Other in Tow

  1. “… who use the PTA as their own feudal kingdom of mommy shaming and piousness.” OML did THAT bring back memories! I was one of the few non-mormon mommies in the PTA! Hated the PTA. LOVED your review! Gotta see this one. 😀


      1. Resign me? Not yet. The PTA here isn’t that involved, besides they are generally not funded, well not the way they should be, so until my wine makes it properly off the ground I’m still stuck trying to protect kids from blowing themselves up.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I get it – I misunderstood your message. When you said “I’ve resigned to join” I thought you meant “I’ve resigned, to join.” I was going to gently inform you that PTA members don’t get paid.

        Liked by 1 person

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