Zombie Apocalypse 268 flash Fiction Challenge 2016

The Apocalypse is here! The Zombie Apocalypse, that is. Again. Yes, we have decided to host this challenge again. Partially because we love to see Antiguan stories and story tellers and partially because we are Zombie nuts. So here it is again. Ready…Set…challenge.


Weave a tale within the setting, anywhere along the time line whether it’s at the very beginning, at the dystopian middle or the gory end. Your choice, your view. Be adventurous, be creative, be unconventional. Tell us what cooking is like with the walking dead. Or the stress of finding a good guy whilst fighting for your life in 1000 words or less

Blogger? Link back (place the following links in your post) @whatthehellisreal.wordpress.com & @charlieroots.wordpress.com


Deadline for entries October 24th 2016

For more details
Call/whatsapp: 268-722-4976
Email: literaryantigua@yahoo.com or randomauthormich@gmail.com



Any thoughts?

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