5 reasons kids should be allowed to be superheros for career day.

Dear lord, but what has the world come to that my four year old has to go through Career day? We did that mess in high school, hell I’m 32 and I still haven’t really figured out what I wanna be when I grow up. But yes, preschools have career day, disguised in some places by calling it community helper day, but we all know it’s the same thing.

This year Jean-luc demands to be Batman and while I listened to the Chief deliver the big “No” is his best daddy chuckle, I can’t say that I agree.


I can’t agree with him, just like I can already see the look Teacher Lisa is gonna give me when I bring this up and the next parent/teachers meeting. So I’ve compiled an argument to back me up and I beg your indulgence as I test it out on you. Here are my 5 reasons why kids should be allowed to be superheros for Career day, using batman as an Example.


  1. Batman is a legitimate business man. Let us be adult about this. We all know that behind the mask and the gadgets this dude is just plain Bruce Wayne, someone who runs a multitrillion dollar corporation, finessed a board of directors and has enough personal income to finance a small vigilante army. As a parent don’t we all wish our kids could be self-employed? Successfully?
  2. Batman is civic minded. Again let’s be adult about this. How many of us as adults with a little spare change would donate to charity? How many of us would give of our hard earned free time to volunteer? How many of us look at the state of our nation/community’s affairs and lift as much as a finger to do something about it? Outside of touting on social media or putting some valance over our Facebook profile picture. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad, I mean the last extra fifty I had me and the girls went out the the movies. But not our Bat, he dedicated his free time to helping to thwart crime in his community. He aids local law enforcement and is a major factor in lowering the crime rate. Not that I want my kids running around cracking skulls, but having a mind towards making the world a better place is a trait I wanna let flourish.
  3. Batman is resourceful. You can’t deny it, the bat has a band-aid for every soar. Come to think of it, over my time reading the comics and watching the cartoon, I can think of at least 4 degrees this guy has to have. From engineering to biochemistry, to practical physics and some aeronautics. I’m sure my fellow nerds can point out even more fields he has to be skilled in in order to save the day. There is never a situation that keeps the bat down long, and in many cases it is by the strength of his clever mind that he triumphs. He shows a stick-to-it-iveness and ingenuity that I can only hope takes strong root and grows in my kids.
  4. Batman has a good moral compass. Let us delete Batman of recent cinema times from the conversation. Let us focus on the one that most of our kids, provided we are half way decent parents, get exposed to. The not so hardcore, shoot em up, down and dirty Batman. But the one that while brooding is basically in it for what is right and good. The one who sends the criminals to jail instead of just killing them because JUSTICE. The one who has taken on the burden of a city because he feels it is his responsibility to do it. The one who has been blessed with great wealth and thus, after some revenging, takes on a greater purpose. Doesn’t that seem like something you would want your kid to emulate? The ideal that we the blessed should help?
  5. My Kid is 4 !!!!!!! What better time for him to see the world as being full of heroes? His imagination is as rich as it is ever going to be. This is the time to plant those big bright shiny ideas, so that life and I can temper them later on. Better he start with a colossal does of bright eyed idealistic enthusiasm, because we all know life, politics, love, lovers and major news outlets are going to try to wrestle it away from him as soon as he can read at that level.Dammit, let the children be children, all wrapped in fantasy, for as long as we can let them. It’s our duty to our children.



I  know some folks are still out there quirking an eyebrow at me, and that is exactly why I wrote this. To get your feedback in order to make the argument better. So come on, tell me what you think. Help me be able to send a  Chibi Batman into Preschool next Community Helper day?


That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks in advance for the help. Happy Antiguan and Barbudan Independence Day, love and peace.


3 thoughts on “5 reasons kids should be allowed to be superheros for career day.

  1. I agree. We basically have NO heroes in our midst these days — real ones. There may be, but they don’t make much noise about it. I know Bon Jovi and Bill an Melinda Gates are both very active in giving technology to schools, but you don’t hear much about stuff like that. The only possible road block I can see is if the teacher asks him/you if he KNOWS all those good points about Batman, or does he just know the fighting — even though it’s for justice. Of course that can be fixed by talking to him about who/what Batman really is/does when he’s not fighting crime. As long as those qualities are admired as well, I’d say hell ya!

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