Some of my lessons


My Daddy Taught me:

  • Algebra, the key to most of my problems
  • to respect high voltage and high concentration chemicals
  • that it is OK to question religion or anything else for that matter
  • Mole concept
  • Experimentation is fun
  • that ridiculous periodic table jingle
  • How to make pepper pot
  • The traits in a man I want
  • the mixing strong acids jingle
  • how to be adventurous
  • How to turn Fungee, with and without okro
  • How to be nerdy as hell and love me for it
  • The traits I really don’t want in a man
  • How to play dominoes, by kicking my ass ’til I could kick his
  • Objectivity even when it came to him
  • The difference between man soup and woman soup
  • How to laugh like nobody is watching even at myself
  • Hopeful determination
  • How to take a hit. Over and over if necessary.
  • How to fish
  • How to appreciate the quiet
  • What part of the island it’s safe to eat barracuda from
  • How not to hit even when the other person deserves it
  • How to parallel park, I think he still has grey hair from this one
  • The weight of trust
  • The kind of Dad I want my kids to have.
  • How to handle disappointment
  • How to hold my liquor, because knowing my limits is wise. Period.
  • That I always have more to learn
  • How to be respectful, even if the other person doesn’t deserve it
  • To be kind
  • Sometimes harsh words are necessary, both to take and to give
  • People change, they grow, they shrink, they change and so do I
  • To be hard
  • It’s ok to be a bit different, or a bit off, which is a relief because I’m still finding myself
  • to be weak
  • to get my hands dirty

My daddy is still teaching me. Some lessons too profound to put into words, and some too subtle and far ingrained to give voice.



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