Only the lonely?

You know it’s a funny thing. It’s funny how little things can have big effects. It’s funny how an overheard…ummm…intentionally overheard comment or statement can be grounds for rudeness in environments where comradery is supposed to be an all around goal. One would think in an environment of openness and shared interest, an environment populated by adults, things like ease dropping, and gossiping, and childish grudges wouldn’t be a thing.

One would be wrong. One would be that way because it would seem that this type of tryst with immaturity would be the thing office politics are made of.


Oh no, come on don’t give me that look. You and I both know what I’m talking about. If we haven’t done it we’ve watched it. We’ve heard it.

The tales of the staff ‘friendly’, you know that one gal or guy on staff who has known most of the staff in a biblical sense. Or we’ve watched the resident brown noser, with their head so far up the bosses posterior that you can smell, on their breath, the bosses last meal, after digestion. Oh how about that one staff member desperately clawing their way to power, or is it notoriety, not by doing their job but by faking a sense of superiority til someone higher up notices and gives them a position they will inevitable fail at and then entertain the rest of us with their decent into bitterness.

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Oh yes she did. She actually keeps a stash of microwave popcorn in her desk, for when she is bored enough to look up at one or more of these creatures for entertainment. My question is why though?

Why do people in the already stressful confines of the work environment seek to set up. play by, and inevitably cause chaos, because of a set of social rules that should have gone out when we threw our caps after high school. When we were young and entitled to a certain level of idiocy because of our age, underdeveloped brains, and raging hormones?

At this point it’s rather silly if you think about it right? So why play it?


I mean bad and bad enough to engage in a little water cooler intrigue, but to allow it to cloud behaviors and interactions when we should be at our utmost professional should be a crime. Right?

One would think so, but for the norm in a lot of work places one would think themselves wrong. Truth be told I think one would be right. One would be right to be point where ones rightness would be ridiculously plain. So why do people do it?

It isn’t for any actual reward. I mean those who win positions this way don’t generally thrive in them. Inter office conflicts only end in reprimand and nobody wins there. Maybe a sense of superiority of some kind? Well maybe that, but how often have you walked into a shop and been rewarded for your haughtiness?

I mean if George R.R. Martin was writing our lives then I would get it, but he doesn’t, thank sweet baby Jesus, so why?

Wanna hear what I think? I think its a thing of lonely folks. Folks who’s social landscape is almost completely the workplace, people with nothing other than the court drama to get them up in the morning. It’s sad really, that the lonely should seek to entertain themselves this way.

And when you think of it that way, it makes it all the harder to be mad about it, or annoyed by it. Hell, it’s even hard to be amused by it. But if you think of it that way, it make you appreciate that you can’t be counted among that number. Makes you thankful and mindful to avoid it where you can, and hold your head above it when it spills over onto you.

So that is may random thought, first one I’ve let myself write down in a lone time. Thanks for letting me ramble all over your screen guys. Love you.


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