So here I am heading into my Saturday chemistry class and pass an antique crystal wine set complete with tray for $20 dollars at a yard sale. Its the cutest thing of life so I buy it. 

Now I’ve got it I realize, what am I gonna do with an antique wine set with decanter and tray? Made of very breakable crystal? With my Kids? 

…Sigh..but its still the cutest thing ever.


3 thoughts on “Impulses

  1. Hon, sometimes you just need to buy something because it’s a treat for you. Same thing happened with me with a hand-woven basket my daughter has. I LOVE it. I’d take it in a heartbeat if she’d sell it/give it to me. Just because. I have NOTHING to do with it, but I would just love having it. Just make a special occasion to use them!!! šŸ˜€


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