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Hi guys,

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to post. But you guys have been faithful and steadfast in visiting and supporting Random_Michelle.

As such I will be relaunching this blog with new content and a newish look in early MAY 2018.

Plans are being made for new segments and articles that I really think you guys are going to like. But that’s really just it, it’s just what I’m thinking so far.

I would love to hear from you all and see what it is you would like to see in this new chapter.

Drop me a comment or Drop me a line and let me know what you would like to see in this space.


After Irma Update


Hi guys,

Hurricane Irma passed over Antigua and Barbuda late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. My family and I are safe and for the most part so are most of the people on my island, Antigua. We had a bit of flooding, some downed posts, and power lines, and damage to some structures but for the most part, those of us on Antigua got off pretty light all things considered. The Public Utilities Authority has been working literally day and night to get us back to a workable state and we are all grateful for that. As of now, some areas are still without service and some services are still spotty.

On the other hand, and a far darker and more tragic note, our sister island is wrecked. Completely devastated by the passage of Irma. No home, school, public building, or natural landmark has been left untouched, and with Jose threatening to hit, people had to evacuate to Antigua. It is a wonder and a blessing that there wasn’t much loss of life, and we all mourn as a nation for the life lost to Irma.

In light of this, we’ve been occupied on Antigua with the evacuation and relief of Barbuda’s community with Hurrican Jose threatening the islands. The Red Cross and other agencies, as well as private citizens, have been working to get supplies, emergency housing, and anything else imaginable for our people.

The #HelpBarbuda efforts have been going since hours after Irma passed,  The gentlemen of the Ticketing app have taken up the cause to foster and track donations from home as well as friends and family abroad. You can click the hash tag above or click the link following directly:

to see how far they have gotten, or to lend any aid you can.

We are still under a Tropical storm watch for Hurricane Jose, but in all hopes, it will continue to shift northwards into the ocean so that no more damage is done to the rest of the Islands in the chain, or anywhere else for that matter.

That’s all from me now guys. Thank you to those of you who reached out upon hearing Irma was heading my way. It means so much to me and my family to have so many people out there thinking about us and sending those positive thoughts. Thank you again, and I hope you are all safe and well. See you again when I can.




Due to technical difficulty, there will be no Photo-Fiction Challenge this week. For some reason, my pictures refuse to load, but I will continue to work on the issue in hopes of returning the challenge next week.



So here I am heading into my Saturday chemistry class and pass an antique crystal wine set complete with tray for $20 dollars at a yard sale. Its the cutest thing of life so I buy it. 

Now I’ve got it I realize, what am I gonna do with an antique wine set with decanter and tray? Made of very breakable crystal? With my Kids? 

…Sigh..but its still the cutest thing ever.

Photo-Fiction #86


Can you tell a story in 300 words? Here’s the challenge.

Write a fictional piece of no more than 300 words based on this picture. You pick your poison, poetry or story. Please don’t forget to, mention this post in yours, and link back here i.e. include a link to this post in your post on your blog, so we can check out your work. Happy writing guys, have fun, I look forward to reading what you all come up with.

Don’t have a blog but still want to submit a story? Do you have an interesting picture you would like to see our participants write on? Contact me at and submit. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stories or pieces submitted in the way much contain the Authors Name and a short bio in the body of the email.

Check out the response this week by clicking on the link below. Be sure to leave your comments/Likes/shares of appreciation.

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