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Central Intelligence: Review


LOL a little Hart and a big Johnson I see what they did there. From the tagline to the poster we know this movie promised us if nothing else a certain level of hilarity I was a bit skeptical about Mr. Johnson and his ability to carry on with such shenanigans.

Suffice it to say that this is the obligatory spoiler alert.

So Central Intelligence, strives to give us the story of the two extremes we find 20 years after high school. You know the archetypes, the ones that make nerds feel OK about the fact that this is life now, the same one that makes the popular pretty people feel all crappy because High school really is the  highlight of their lives.

It does it, but it does it so well. Set against the back ground of a covert operation, within a covert operation, based on a double cross and an agency gone mad. Come to think of it, when you think of it that way, you start to become a bit afraid of those types of agencies and the things that can go wrong with people are trained in subterfuge. They poke a lot of fun at the usual CIA conspiracy theories and spy shows that we see, but are they? Is it just fun really? Oh off mark I think, well OK. Back on track.

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My boy Kev’, gives his signature performance and was rewarded, not only by me, but by every breathing biped in the theater, with laughs. The kind of side aching, belly straining, cheek wetting laughs that most of us only sit and reminisce about. As our two main characters went through their adventure, and buddy bonding exercise. I even found the humor to be quite mature. You know what I mean, there’s usually a cornucopia of adolescent sexual innuendo jokes, and just plain rankness. Not here, it was pretty clean and that was pretty nice. But then The Rock is a family brand. Let’s speak about him for a second.


Now this guy has been a part of my life since I was like 10. First encountering him as part of the WWE roster, and then as an action star. All stoic and strong , with those quippy one liners. I fully expected that when I went into this too. So kind of to play off his seriousness against Hart’s lack thereof. It turns out Dwayne has a lighter side. Who knew.

Oh he was all smash and bash and that was comedic in it’s delivery, but his acting the role what what killed it. That man, with that body, in that character, was both refreshing and endearing. Love it.

What would I give this movie? I think it deserves a solid….Wait…I forgot…


This guy was in the movie, he was our motivation and then our antagonist. He gave us one hell of a boss fight in the end. I guess Mr. White rubbed off huh. Now you see the sense in building and maintaining an empire don’t you Jessie? Well good for you, say hi to Walter when you see him. Tell him I miss him and I think he should have just left Skyler and Jr. and retired some place where there is no extradition.

Anyway back to the rating. I give this one 8/10. It made me laugh, and I’ll definitely watch it again when it gets to TV.