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Sausage Party: boy was that R-rated

When I asked about this movie, a friend of mine said, “If you aren’t into a lot of sexual innuendo then it isn’t for you.” He said it over a social media group, and I’m sure he knew that the way it was said, and the advanced knowledge that it was a Seth Rogen  movie would have had me all excited. I know he knew I was going to see it too, and I know now that there was a sinister smile on his face when he typed those words.

In the voice of Kevin Hart “I wasn’t ready!!!!!!!”

Don’t get me wrong, it was good. But dear God, I WAS NOT READY…but just so you are, there may be a SPOILER or two beyond this point. This movie took profanity and raunch to a level where at one point I think I was completely numb to it. It completely stole the novelty of it, lucky for Seth and the gang there was more to the endeavor than just that.

I will give Sausage Party this, it is intelligent and genuinely funny. There isn’t anything subtle about it though, to call the jokes innuendo in any form is stretching it, really really far. But again Seth…so…we expect no better. It’s full of sexual references, sophomoric humor and crazy pun play. Which I fully appreciated, I felt like I was in college all over again, in a good way. In the way that we spoke more freely and were so eager to question. It wasn’t all ass jokes and penis gags though.

It gives an interesting take on consumerism, international politics, racial issues, religion, serious stuff that we really didn’t expect. Do the statements it makes, rally us to a revolution of thought? Not so much, but if you are walking around in a fog of cynical jadedness, then having the things that got you that way presented like this, definitely wakes up some of those old brain circuits and brakes off some of that crust.


The characters, boy the characters. The characters were all consumables, that talked and walked, believing that we had something other than consumption on our minds when we picked them up. There were good guys and bad guys, and douches, literally. Each character/item crafted as a clever stand in for some culture, race, religion, creed, if you can think of them they were pretty much there. It was witty and funny and inspired. Well done Seth.

But when reality hit our characters…I’m so sorry…I wasn’t ready either. This movie made me feel so bad for all the products I use in my day to day life. I will say sorry to every sheet of toilet paper, every prophylactic, ever morsel, and just everything I will every consume ever again, or at least until the shock fades. There were scenes in this thing that had me like…


…Shock, gore, horror. I am still not over it. A week and a half late, and I’m not over it, and I have to give it a rating. I will give it a 9. My only complaint being how much of too much that last scene was. It was just so much…so much….so so much. GAWD, but it was sooo much.

Guys watch it. Honestly. And not just because I want to share the feeling that still quivers in my breast and rattles my brain. I want you to see it, and I want it to tickle your thought center, and I want you to have all the experiences, I had in that dark room, surrounded by strangers, who too were too shocked to misbehave. Again, Thank you Seth.

Much love to Rogen and Company from a small Island Paradise, in the Caribbean.