Seriously? A Scorch Trials Review.


Suffice it to say there will be spoilers, also I haven’t read the books yet. I made the mistake of reading the book first before the Insurgent and I’m still not over the comparative suck.

Lets start with the general stuff. The acting was typical of this type of film. You know the kind, the Dystopian nation, the under dog youth, all full of fire and righteous rebellion. Yes it was captured and even though the movie was riddled with the cliches of the genre I can’t say it’s the fault of the actors, they did as best they could and I came away with the impression that the characters were both depth-ful and relatively realistic.

Is it me? Or is anyone else over these 3 (Hunger games, Divergent and Maze Runner) series running concurrently and praying to the cinematic gods that it all ends soon…No? Just me? Fair enough. Still not Harry Potter or Twilight though.


One thing, having NOT read the book I didn’t see coming were the Zombies. Let’s face it, that’s what they were. Folks infected with a virus, that gets out of control and ends civilization as we know it. But also what I found particularly unnerving is the willingness of the characters to just stand by and watch a horde amass. I mean seriously this couldn’t be that far in the future that nobody at all snuck a peek at The Walking Dead, or even World War z could it?

But none of those things stand at the heart of my grouse with this movie, Oh no, the heart of my angst with this film sits squarely on the shoulders of this character.


With her sob story and teary eyes unappology for the double cross she pulled, though cliche it was. My sister I would like to ask you what there is to save in this world? What is there that you hope to accomplish by enslaving the rest of your age group? And why is it so hard to explain to the guy you love, who doesn’t have any memory of prior events?

Again, is it me? Or do people in films have serious communication issues?

I mean I get the story of her mother and all. Dude…that’s really messed up and all. But after these infected folks grow into the subterranean shrubbery, after sustaining gouged eyes and deteriorating to the point of attacking and biting people, after losing all sense of self preservation, as demonstrated as through the glass zombie. What really are you hoping to save? These folks can’t be cured, and even if they could, with that level of deterioration is it really worth the effort?

The people trying to procure this genocidal cure, are safe and secure in their facilities. That to me is a sign that they should just chill, relax and wait for time to do it’s thing. As for the young and immune the future is yours, fortify your citadels and repopulate, or recreate or whatever, you are safe. See how it works my sister? Leave the lost to be lost, and live. Not by going full on sociopath like Dr Paige, who B-T-dubs doesn’t deserve your loyalty being the one who put you in the maze and all, but by doing your part for the part of humanity that actually has a chance.

I’m guessing the author wanted us to come away with at least the starting point of a discussion about liberty of self verses the saving of the world, but in the end it all just comes off as blah to me. Maybe it’s the over saturation of the genre, or my third world outlook on survival but I think it could have all in all been better done.

This movie left me so disappointed that I won’t even give it a numerical rating. Instead I will simply Chups, (a sound made  by sucking air through your teeth, a sign of annoyance and frustration for Caribbean folks.) Though still not as bad as 47 Ronin

And with that I shall take myself to bed.

5 thoughts on “Seriously? A Scorch Trials Review.

  1. Glad you posted this. I was wondering how the movie was. I’m reading the third book at the moment. I thought the first movie was ok. But like you said, it’s all the same after awhile. We’ll probably go see this, but I have to say there’s not a whole lot in the previews that looks like the book. I just read it in January. Haven’t heard anyone say anything about it. Thanks for posting it, Michelle.

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    1. You are very welcome, I haven’t read the books yet, I think I’ll start on them, and let the chips fall where they may when the third movie comes out. The fact that you are reading them is a good recommendation.


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