Challenge Accepted Jane: Part 1

It was Oscar Wilde who said “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Love this quote, it has quickly become one of my favorites. It has come to be my mantra in recent times.

You see, I tried to live in a perpetual state of financial moderation, which left me unfulfilled and very miserable, yes it let me save and save and save, looking towards what I thought at the time was an acceptable goal, and indeed it was if I had had the right partners. But now I’ve realised, having goals is great, but if you put all hopes in one goal and none in the basket of personal satisfaction, if that goal should fail, you end up a basket case.

I’ve also tried to live in verbal moderation, trying to speak only mildly. They say the meek shall inherit the earth but lemme tell you, if you aren’t of the temperament to be stepped on, there are times when that moderation thing needs to leave the room a few minutes.

I tried to moderate myself basically. Constantly killing myself over self branding and all that ish. Nope not working iether.

Instead balance is called for so I learned that moderation is fine, but sometimes even that can be too much.

By now you are wondering what this crazy woman is rambling on about. What does Oscar Wilde have to do with the challenge by Jane? well here it is.

I would love to thank Jane over there at Making it Write, for inviting me to take part in this 3 quote challenge.

For the challenge, the rules are:
I – Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for three (3) posts in a row.
II – Thank the person who nominated you.
III – Pass it on to three (3) other bloggers per quote, each time you post them.
IIIb – Or pass it to nine (9) bloggers if you choose to post all the quotes together, in the same post.

The bloggers I would like to challenge at this juncture are:

Plato‘s Groove, with his soothing voice

The great Lady Calen:  Impromptu Prompting

and Last but by no means least

Author S B Mazing, who is really Amazing.

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