Building my Brand

“Build your Brand” ” You are now selling you”

Now I’ve thought long and hard on this one. According to everything I’ve read on the matter of being a brand, be you author, or wine maker, you have to start by defining it.

How do I as an Author, define me? At first I wittled myself down to some adjectives, but none of these were anything out of the ordinary. Can I for instance make a selling point of being a woman? Half the planet are women. Or being a mother? Nope, throw a stone and you hit one of them. How about being opinionated? Has anyone seen the internet lately? All it is, is an amalgamation of opinions floating around.

Besides none of those words, even all those adjectives all put together, convey who I perceive myself to be. I mean they do make up the framework of me but they aren’t all there is to it. You know?

Truth is, there are parts of me I know I don’t know. I still shock and amaze and amuse and enrage myself. So how can I define me and and make me marketable to anyone really? I’ve never been one to want to bend to the wills and whims of others. Which really wouldn’t be me branding me, but more me making a cheap knock off for the fickle market.

What I do know is I have ideas, my mind is a weird place, and my stories, and poetry are a reflection of that. It’s perhaps the most fundamental part of my me-ness and it’s a part I want to share.I don’t think I’m alone in this, I think it is the driving force behind all Authors.

I think that is what this is really about, the strange and sometimes beautiful ways I, we as Authors, weave word webs and ensnare people. I have it done to me, on a daily basis, on WordPress, when  I read my favorite Authors, or the New Authors that are quickly filling up my reading list.

How do I make that a commodity though? How do I genuinely make anyone want this?


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